Chakra Descriptions 


Chakras are the transformers of light that are a part of the anatomy of the human energy system. They are integral in keeping balance of the physical, mental and spiritual bodies and the fields around them. There are seven major chakras, and over 20 minor ones. Stones and crystals resonate frequencies that can align with the chakras and potentially supporting the balancing of them. Below is a basic list and function of each of the major seven and the colors that align with them. Stones can be chosen on the color for a particular chakra or the feel, or the visual attractiveness or the innate knowing which is right for you. For many stones provide comfort and balance when aligned with the chakra system. 



1st Chakra-Root is red, found at the base of the spine and perineal area. It is an earth chakra and is grounding, as it draws energy from the earth upwards into the spine. It is associated with giving life, stability and survival. The more grounded one is then there is more clarity of thought as well. Root chakra also deals with trust issues and fear. 



2nd Chakra-Sacral is orange, located by pelvis, lower abdominal. This chakra supports our emotional as well as physical enjoyment in life. It helps us to realize that we are deserving of a full life, including connections and relationships with others. 



3rd Chakra-Solar Plexus is yellow, located over the stomach. Physically associated with digestion. This is large chakra associated with ones self worth and empowerment. Being able to stand ones ground with confidence and independence. It supports grounding as well as intuitive knowing. 



4th Chakra-Heart is green. The heart chakra is the brain and control center of the human energy system. It not only supports the physical heart function, but the energetic one as well. It is a chakra of healing emotionally from past or present wounds. It is the chakra of love in all aspects including the love of oneself, and aides in protection of the emotional body. 



5th Chakra-Throat is blue. This is the chakra of ones true and authentic voice. It can support in being the voice of reason, knowing when and how to use our words effectively on a frequency others can hear. It can help in voicing 

unexpressed and suppressed emotions. Physically it supports the thyroid gland. 



6th Chakra-brow/3rd eye is indigo, located between the brows. Physically it supports the pituitary gland, but is instrumental in our intuition and knowing, and focus. The brow chakra enhances our wisdom, and truth if we open it. 



7th Chakra-Crown is violet, located on top of head. It is the pinnacle of the major seven on the body. This chakra is associated with our connection to higher consciousness and knowledge, Divine protection and guidance. It is our ‘antenna’ to higher consciousness. It helps us to recognize our Divine connection and we never lose that while on earth. It can bring clarity and truth to our purpose and self worth. 



MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: The information above and or the purchasing of any stones and crystals from The Energy Nurse is not intended to substitute any medical or psychological treatments or therapies one is undergoing.