How "The Energy Nurse" chooses her stones for her jewelry line.

Carolyn chooses her stones energetically, meaning they choose her.  In each visit to the studio she sits, grounds, and centers herself through meditation.  She then sets and focus’s intention for standing in for the majority for healing and balance.

Carolyn is kinesthetic, meaning she feels the strength of the vibration in each stone.  As the stones are in boxes she blindly chooses them by scanning them kinesthetically above the stones with her hands focusing on the intention in mind. She chooses the strongest stones that will work for healing and balance for the majority.  She then turns the stones while placing them on her heart chakra to see which direction the stones radiate outward the most, and then draws out the direction in which each stone is to be set.

As you can imagine, this takes a lot of time and thought, but these pieces are working stones according to Carolyn.  She has feedback all the time on the energy of the pieces her clients purchase.  Carolyn feels the stones frequency is prescriptive for each individual.  As the energy system always works towards balance of the physical, mental and spiritual body.  It is sensitive to frequency and stones are enhancing to that.


These are Carolyn’s suggestions for choosing a piece when her clients ask:

  1. If you are a visual person choose a piece or a stone that you are visually attracted or drawn to.
  2. You can ask for guidance and ask your body which color frequency will be most balancing for you.  If you know how to do that using muscle testing that is another way as well.
  3. If you are at an event where she is vending, Carolyn encourages her clients to hand scan them and feel the direction of pull to which stones are best for that individual.
  4. She can also test several stones for each person as well, and can even do this remotely when ordering online if a client asks.
  5. If a person is experiencing a particular health issue, they can align a stone color with the part of the body that is impacted at the moment using the chakra color chart, that is another useful way to choose the stone right for you.  It is important to stay present with what you may need at the time.


What to expect with your stone.

As you can tell, Carolyn takes pride and great thought into each individual piece down to whether the stone will align better with gold tone or silver.  She sends you each stone energetically cleansed, so only your energy will be aligning with your beautiful one of a kind crystal or stone piece.

Please note, that many people will be attracted to your crystal and many times someone will reach out to touch it.  Not all people are energetically sensitive and may not ask your permission to touch it, so remember that  

Carolyn focus’s on healing and balance for the majority of people. If someone you know or may not know randomly compliments you and reaches out to touch the stone, they may have because they were drawn to do so and that moment may be a balancing one for them.


With that said please read the directions on how to care for your new stone.

Please do not get your jewelry wet.

Use a soft jewelry cloth only to polish.

  1. To energetically cleanse the stone you may put it in a dish of kosher, Himalayan or Mediterranean salt and leave it in the dish for a few minutes.
  2. Carolyn’s cleansing recipe:

In a plastic container or baggie, add equal portions of :





Place stone in the bag and shake it up, you may leave it in there for a few minutes then take it out and wipe with a soft jewelry cloth.

To charge your crystal, leave it in the high sun from 10-3 PM, if you have a larger crystal, set your piece on top of the larger one to charge and energize your stone.

You can also charge it in the full moon.